Some Wild New Thing

I am proud of your difference from me
Your testing of love is a natural and noble thing (to know it for yourself)
In the end I hope you will see
I am the same as you
We have not been told!
We are the same wildness, and
We gave ourselves up for some wild new thing


Poetry is better than politics. It’s 2017 and change is in the air. Some-wild-new-thing is screaming out for attention, but change is painfully slow.

Tina and I find ourselves restless, homeless at home in Melbourne and irritable. We’ve made the decision to live on a boat – we’ve told people our plans and the more we talk about it the further away it seems.

It was closer when it was just a private thought out over the hills somewhere close to the bus route on the way to work. Now there’s some hustling to do, the dirty work of making it happen and I’m left wondering if it will all be an anti climax. Will we finally sit on the deck of our yacht only to find we were running away from ourselves? or worse, each other?

This is what we are facing –

  • Selling or letting go of 90% of our purchases from the last 15 years
  • Deciding what we need now, and what we could need in the future
  • In leaving our own country and friends, how will we earn a living in a place we can’t even imagine yet?
  • If we are not working for someone, what are we working towards? What is ultimately worth doing?
  • Our boat will be our home. It can sink. It does not increase in value. It is not an investment that will pay for our children’s education.

We are diving head first and naked into waters that will surely take our breathe away and it is all incredibly exciting –  like the promise of a full day ahead when the sun is young and the day could become anything.

Right now we have the luxury of choice – to keep things the same or to choose a new way of life – and in choosing to go we won’t have this luxury again.

Such a thought is unsettling but alas we must tear off the band aid, commit and make it happen, tie up loose ends, close accounts, go pre-paid, book a one way flight into the unknown and remember to remain polite.

For my part I will only love our new life at sea if Tina loves it and we don’t know if she will.

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