First 5 Days Aboard

We have been onboard for 5 days and let me tell you – it’s strange! To know that this will be our home for a long time is surreal. In many ways it is still Erich’s home, we have moved in but it doesn’t feel like ours. We have no memories here, the plates and cuttlery do not feel familiar and it’s strange to think that everything around us will, eventually, feel like the only thing we know! Our job is to take everything apart and put it back together. Tina has been focusing on the bedding and galley, I have been going through all the boxes of spare parts and organising them into plastic containers and translating the labels from German to English. Erich the previous owner left yesterday and was very helpful answering questions and telling us about his 60,000 nm journey. I had a crash course of the engine room and Erich took us out for a half day sail, and now,  he’s gone home to the hills of Austria to resume his old life on land.  Any further questions we have we’ll need to find out by pulling apart and putting back together. How strange!

We’re still connected to the mains power at the jetty so there’s no need to run the generator and we can use the lights as much as we like. We ordered a 53 litre deep freezer today which will need to run 24/7 and so we are adding three other solar panels the support the extra power consumption. In the hot sunny weather this should be enough to power the fridge and freezer (which use the most power), and when we need to turn the generator on the cook, the extra power will supplement the solar power. And when it’s cloudy then running the generator for an extra half an hour should keep the fridges going (the generator can charger up to 100 amps when the batteries are low). The last two days have been really hot but it’s forecast to rain the next few days so I put up the deck tent to try it out. It covers the cockpit nicely all the way over the lifelines and almost to the deck. Tina has been organising the food storage and containers and I’ve focused on the spare parts. Our personal stuff is not yet packed away but slowly we’re making more room and settling in. It’s a really great boat. The heater is awesome, when it was cold in the morning we turn it on for half an hour and the boat gets hot. There are absolutely no leaks in the boat, the engine room is dry! There are two toilets but Tina hurt her wrist trying to pump one the other day so we’re looking to convert one to an electric pump. Lucky we have the extra solar panels! There’s plans to add a wood fired  BBQ ASAP – one image I have in mind is of collecting drift wood along the shore, coming back to the boat and cooking fish over a coal BBQ!

Before Erich left he gave me a digital copy of all the sea charts to the world, which are already installed on the boats computer, but now I have them on my laptop as a backup. The other night we had Erich over for dinner which was really enjoyable. There is something lovely about a dinner conversation when a guest, he is a funny man, kind of like a pixie Austrian who is very jolly and has been good to us always happy to answer questions. It was strange having him over to dinner in his own boat, serving food on his own plates. He waited on the jetty before we asked him to come aboard. He’s sad to be leaving the boat but he has other plans and he is getting older. We have a couple of weeks work ahead of us tailoring the boat, I need to replace a Pully up the mast and Tina needs to organise her food and cooking routine, then we’ll head north and stop spending money!

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