Humans at Sea: Howdy Bailey

Well it was real easy. I was born in Louisiana and raised in Panama. I graduated from school in Panama, and my dream was to go back to Panama after I got out of the Navy – because I did 4 years in the Navy. Well I met a guy who was building a ferro… Continue Reading

Sailing to New York

This is the first voyage that I have ever completed. I had no idea what to expect or if seasickness was an issue. In total I have only spent about 25 hours on a sail boat and on top of this I have only ever been in the protected waters of a bay or sheltered… Continue Reading

Ep 02 Driving Solo Across Australia Part 2

In part 2 the rains arrive and Jesse has a couple of collisions as he continues toward South Australia. There’s a momentary reunion in Coober Pedy while Jesse reflects on the previous year, then it’s shooting through to Victoria and finally 8 days later, arriving home in Melbourne.      

Ep 01 Driving Solo Across Australia Part 1

Jesse begins the long drive to Melbourne, leaving Broome during the middle of the wet season, trying to head south before the next rain floods the road.   We have been living in Broome for the last year and have decided it’s time to live on a sailboat! We pack up our unit and Tina… Continue Reading

LIONHEART The Jesse Martin Story

Watch the documentary of Jesse’s solo sail around the world aboard the original Lionheart.   As a 17-year-old teenager, Jesse Martin set out on a journey to fulfil a dream few thought possible. By circumnavigating the world in his 34-foot yacht, Lionheart, Jesse would become the youngest person in history to sail around the world solo,… Continue Reading