Sailing to New York

This is the first voyage that I have ever completed. I had no idea what to expect or if seasickness was an issue. In total I have only spent about 25 hours on a sail boat and on top of this I have only ever been in the protected waters of a bay or sheltered… Continue Reading

First 5 Days Aboard

We have been onboard for 5 days and let me tell you – it’s strange! To know that this will be our home for a long time is surreal. In many ways it is still Erich’s home, we have moved in but it doesn’t feel like ours. We have no memories here, the plates and… Continue Reading

Some Wild New Thing

I am proud of your difference from me Your testing of love is a natural and noble thing (to know it for yourself) In the end I hope you will see I am the same as you We have not been told! We are the same wildness, and We gave ourselves up for some wild… Continue Reading