I Do Believe Her Dark Clothes Were The Attraction


My family and friends are the most important things in my life. But I need to keep leaving to remind myself of this fact and to meet up with an old friend of mine called A Sense of Wonder. I do believe I am better to those closest to me when I’ve spent time with A Sense of Wonder and I hope they too get to meet my old friend in their own kind of way.

This is a short book of poetic notes I composed whilst aboard a boat, bobbing on the ocean, inspired by the mystery of what lies beneath. It’s 64 pages.

Get the book here.


I think there is such a thing as unity in isolation.

The idea of other people out on their own is comforting.

I think the best things occur when these individuals individually work at the same thing.

Unity in Isolation

I am lucky

I have my own god

I can explain her my own way

And I don’t have to borrow her

From anyone


Heaven is:

Sigur Rós and stars at night

On a boat you chose

That you know inside out

With a girl who knows

You inside out

And a star that grows



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