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Ever since returning home aboard Lionheart, Jesse Martin dreamt of being out on the ocean again. This time he wanted to take a crew of his friends along for the ride. It would be a wild and daring journey of fun, exploration and discovery, a rite of passage but what eventually transpired onboard the Kijana was something altogether different.

At age 18 Jesse Martin was the youngest person ever to sail around the world nonstop and unassisted. What on earth do you do to top that?

Kijana was Jesse’s next dream. Jesse and four friends embarked on a three-year journey of a lifetime, searching for paradise and wild adventures in exotic places. But somewhere between the vision and the voyage, life and human nature intervened.

Kijana is a warts-and-all account of what really happened – their adventures and euphoria, their disappointments and heartache, their fights and friendships – as the small crew navigate their way through reality. At times reckless and sometimes wise but always bravely honest, Jesse takes us once again into the remarkable world of a born adventurer.

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