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When I sailed my yacht Lionheart across the finish line in 1999, becoming the youngest person to sail solo non stop and unassisted around the world, I had just turned 18 years old. The 328 days I spent alone at sea needed to be a record-breaking nonstop journey to make it possible – but what about all those incredible places I had to sail past?

Well 18 years later I have embarked on a new adventure aboard my new boat Lionheart II, destined to make landfall at many of the exciting places I had to sail past on my original journey, and this time I wont be alone – there are 2 of us!

My partner Tina and I have moved our entire life aboard our 50 foot aluminium yacht Lionheart II located in New York. Over the next few years we will sail half way around the globe back to Australia, producing an online adventure series:

  • launched in December is the home of our video content
  • We are on the search for a branding partner to share the journey

The Journey


DM03Our plans for the next few years will involved firstly – Tina learning to sail – a way of life completely new to her. We have been onboard for 3 months preparing our new home and Tina is adapting well to our third crew member (the camera). Tina is an absolute sweetheart and she inspires me to see things with fresh eyes. I can’t wait to share with her many of the things I love about living on the ocean.

Our plan is to remain flexible and authentic. We will spend 2 seasons in the Caribbean, visiting the Leeward Islands down to Grenada and potentially a journey to the Amazon River by hurricane season beginning June 2018. Our second season in the Caribbean in 2019 will allow us to visit Puerto Rico, Cuba, Jamaica and Nicaragua before crossing through the Panama Canal and into the Pacific Ocean.

2020 will be our year in the Pacific with such locations as the Galapagos Islands, Peru, Easter Island, the Marquesas and French Polynesia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea. We may just continue over the top of Australia to Africa but lets just see how we feel after traveling half way around the globe!

Adventure Video Content


Video production has always been a part of my life, from the first time I took a camera kayaking the islands of Papua New Guinea to the documentary I filmed aboard Lionheart.

For my personal videos I have developed a style which relies on locked-off wide angle shots of subjects in beautiful locations. My videos are quirky and rely on cinematic music effects. I use the edit as a time to emphasise the feeling of a moment and try not to linger too long on sentimentality.


See my production & talent highlights reel:




Our first 3 full episodes are online here:

Driving Solo Across Australia – Part 01

Driving Solo Across Australia – Part 02

Refusing to be Afraid

Some of my other video work as shooter/editor:

Seafolly 2010 Behind the Scenes

5 Lost at Sea Trailer

Whatever It Takes (editor)



I spent the first 8 years after returning from Lionheart in the public eye – speaking at events, offering sailing commentary for newspapers and television stations, and speaking in support of young people achieving goals in the outdoors.

  • Over 20,000 people lined the shores of Sandringham Yacht Club to witness my return on the original Lionheart.
  • Most Primary Schools in Victoria followed the journey through the Herald Sun’s Learn Section which produced a study guide and published a column every week for the 11 month journey.
  • Subsequently over 130,000 book sales have occurred with Lionheart being translated in 5 languages. I completed a US book tour in 2002 which included appearing on the David Letterman Show and The Carson Daly Show.
  • I have been keynote speaking for over 15 years at over 200 events, from corporate team building events to schools and launches, across Australia and internationally (and once on a ship anchored at Antarctica!)

My second public journey in 2002 finished prematurely and 7 years later I was the producer and co-director of the film 5 Lost At Sea which documented the adventure’s demise. Funded by Screen Australia and ABC TV, the film won best documentary at the West Hollywood International Film Festival. The following youtube clip released by ABC publicity has been viewed over 1.7 million times

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 3.58.21 pm

Branding Partnership


LH_frontAdventure video content is the name of our game and at this juncture we are looking to form a partnership with a brand to share the journey, allowing us to continue producing content and publicise the new adventure.

  • The recent soft launch of our online presence will have a new concerted publicity launch, re-connecting followers from the original journey with Lionheart II.
  • Co-branding opportunities exist on and title cards on all video content produced by us.
  • Our video content is also available to sit on other online platforms or channels.

An important part of our mission is to contribute to individuals we meet (through our Book Club initiative) and to organisations who are supporting scientific research for climate change solutions. Our broader mission statement can be read here.

By partnering with a brand who is aligned with our objectives, not only do we hope to continue producing video content of our travels but also allow us to contribute financially to, an international organisation who are standing up to the fossil fuel industry to stop all new coal, oil and gas projects and build clean energy for all.

Over the years I have been amazed at the impact of my Lionheart journey and the positive change that can occur to individuals and collectives through story telling. Lionheart II is about the same spirit of exploring the natural world, committing to a dream and sharing ourselves. 

Jesse Martin


Celestial_navigationAfter learning to sail at fourteen, he travelled along Australia’s tropical coast on a flimsy catamaran, and by sixteen he had kayaked through the remote islands of Papua New Guinea and crewed on a yacht sailing from Belize to Tahiti.

After his record breaking sail aboard the original Lionheart, Jesse operated an adventure sail and dive business in Papua New Guinea leading expeditions for groups of 4 people around New Ireland Province.

He has worked as shooter/editor in the Australian television industry for The 7pm Project, Hamish & Andy’s Caravan of Courage and ABC’s comedy/drama Twentysomething.

The last few years Jesse has worked in the Offshore Marine Industry, completing his formal sea-time qualifications and gaining his Master of Yachts 200t Unlimited ticket.

Jesse continues to work with Indianic Pictures and Xeitgeist Entertainment on a film adaption of Lionheart for the big screen.

In 2001 he was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for Services to Youth.

Watch Lionheart The Jesse Martin Story full documentary (44min)


“Nothing less than uplifting, extraordinary and moving… few documentaries can match the footage you will see in this program for sheer power… the program resonates with a truth rarely seen on television..”

– Michael Idato – The Sydney Morning Herald

“After watching Lionheart which documents his historic 27,000 nautical mile, 328 day journey… one is reminded of what a truly remarkable feat it was.”

– Danielle Hood – Sunday Herald Sun

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