Tina & Jesse

tinajesseWe are a couple from Melbourne, Australia, who have just made the move from land to sea. Our new home Lionheart II is getting the final touches before we leave Norfolk, Virginia heading north to explore Nova Scotia and New Foundland this summer.  We hope you enjoy our updates from across the seas and over the hills, from our hearts to yours x


Tina by Jesse

img_1157Tina grew up on a property east of Melbourne, Australia. She is the youngest sibling by 10 years and she spent most of her younger years entertaining herself – swinging from the willow branches down the back paddocks and feeding her goat named Charlie Girl. She was always wanting to play with her older brother and his mates but often she was not allowed!

In grade 4 Tina played the role of Sandy in the school production of Grease – the lead role alongside the older grade 6’s. This was daunting to say the least! Check out this video of her:

The reason I think Tina must have got the role is because she is an amazing singer. She has told me that when she sings, its the only thing that makes her forget about the world around her.

I think those years hanging around her older brother encouraged in her an interest in learning how things work. This was evident when before we set sail, Tina was positive she wanted to attend the engineering course with me, to learn how the boat works. She has spent many occasions walking up to adventurers in their 4 wheel drive cars asking to see in the back, their alterations, how they store their fridge and most importantly, how soft is their mattress. As much as Tina loves to hang around with the boys, she’s a true girl at heart and I know this more than ever in little moment of discussion. She has a peculiar way when describing the workings of some contraption and I’m reminded of one of the things I love most about her; it’s not what she says, but how she says it!

Her mother is a teacher and Tina followed in her footsteps completing a teaching degree when she was 24. She lived in Japan teaching english without knowing any Japanese, then back at home she taught grade 5 students for 3 years at Sandringham East Primary (before I whisked her away to live in Broome).

One thing about Tina I initially found strange was her obsession with keeping things cool. She is worried about food going bad, even if its a sandwich transported 5 minutes away, it must be carried in one of her small eskies accompanied by an ice pack from the freezer.

Tina is magical. She used to dabble in the dark-arts of hula hooping and fire twirling which I can imagine would have come dangerously close to setting her dreadlocks on fire.  Her party days were not so long ago and this is evident in the way she is up for anything – a fishing trip, a surf, even if things scare her, like jellyfish in the water, she will put on a brave face and stick her head under.

Tina knows so many Simpsons quotes that sometimes I think she would get along with my friends better than I do! One particular quote best describes her, the one when Homer is ….. and he sees something which immediately takes his attention…”Oh look a fluffy dog!”

When Tina and I first started talking about going sailing together, I thought she would ask me questions about big waves or seasickness but instead she asked ‘Can we paint the white bubble-things over the side (fenders) to look like penguins?’, and I immediately knew she was the girl with whom I should sail off into the sunset.

Jesse by Tina



Jesse makes me laugh… A lot… Especially when he trys to quote Simpson quotes. TBC…

Jesse has always been an adventurer since the day he was born. Growing up in the Daintree Rainforest, his surroundings inspired him. His young days were spent with his younger brother, mum and dad collecting coconuts, exploring the wild beaches, swimming in beautiful blue water holes and finding different shades of orka rocks to draw with.

As Jesse grew older they moved down to Victoria and settled in a property that was still in the midst of the lush, green bush near Mt. Dandenong. Jesse began attending scouts and this became the?? Life would happen and Jesse’s mum would try to explain the things that took place to help him understand. Although when she would ask if he was okay or had any questions the only words to come out his mouth were related to scouts or the equipment he thought he’d need for his next adventure.

Jesse was lucky to have inspiration and support from a young age to achieve the visions he dreamed of. However he also deserved all of them from the amount of dedication, planning, patients and hard work he has put in to make his dreams a reality into a reality. The saying ‘when there’s a will, there’s a way’, well this is Jesse…

It first began when he dreamed of completing a kayaking trip in Papua New Guinea with his brother at age 13. He wanted to record this and make an adventure documentary. When he told his mother, she said he could as long as he could show her how he was going to organise the whole trip and how he was going to finance it. His mother was nervously surprised when Jesse began door knocking, researching, practising his skills and putting the dream into action.

The trip was a success and Jesse released his first documentary at age 15 called “??????”. This accomplishment opened the doorway for new inspiration and bigger and wilder dreams formed, which all involved more patients, practise, raising funds and hard work then the last.

No matter how hard Jesse must work to achieve his outcomes he always makes sure he works with everyone’s best interests and considers their feelings throughout. This can be very challenging at times and there are not many people in this world who have the ability, but Jesse is one; he has a heart of beauty.

Although he has told me he only wanted to set out on these adventures, like sail around the world, so he could get out of school! He also has a great sense of humour, yet I don’t think he was joking about this.

Jesse loves bags and ropes.

Life is never boring with Jesse. When I first met him I didn’t know he was such an adventure and thought I’d be able to show this boy a few things… but turns out we’ve both been able to show each other more then a few things, his love of adventure on water and land and my love of nature and of the land.